A.E. Wilson Park

This park is probably one of my most favourite locations to photograph portraits for besties, couples, and even senior grads. The A.E. Wilson Park is located in west Regina off of McCarthy Blvd. This park is so versatile and huge! There's a creek for when you're looking for a body of water in your shots. Lots of trees and bushes for textures and many more hidden gems! You just have to go yourself and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Emily & Jessica...

... were the most fun beauties to photograph! It wasn't hard to get creative with these two, they were down for anything and honestly, they didn't have to try so hard... they were both so photogenic! I love Emily's pop of pink color from her top to bottom matching outfit. It really gave us that very feminine and chic vibe. While Jessica's look was also the perfect soft, neutral, and edgy style. What a perfect contrast!

Now Booking for July to August 2021!

The beginning of this year has been quite a ride but I'm so grateful to everyone who's been supporting and trusting Alyssa Covill Photography! I am so humbled by the many compliments of my artwork, service, and client experience! I am very much looking forward to work with so many talented local business owners, and photograph more seniors, couples, families, and more!

If you are in Regina, Saskatchewan, I'm always on the lookout for willing and adventurous models for some creative projects! Connect with me via Instagram or Facebook at @alyssacovill.photo

Before the mountains were born

or you brought forth the whole world,

from everlasting to everlasting you are God - Psalms 90:2